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Designs to Shine Latin’s are constructed in a very similar manor to our Smooth and International Standard gowns. Every Latin and Rhythm gown is hand constructed and completely unique. One of the many things that make Designs to Shine’s gowns the best in the dance world is the incredible attention to detail. This is especially evident in the amazing embellishment of each gown. We use an astonishing variety of elements including feathers, sequins, fringe, lace and most importantly rhinestones. Designs to Shine has an exclusive arrangement with Swarovski, and is one of the world’s largest consumers of Swarovski rhinestones. On average each Designs to Shine gown is embellished with over 10,000 rhinestones, one at a time. Even more amazing is our rhinestone adhesive which was formulized exclusively for Designs to Shine. Although every gown looks like a delicate work of art, they are extremely durable and made to withstand extreme dancing. Stunning one-off creations for ballroom, dance and eveningwear make Designs to Shine the premier choice for performers, television, movies and special events where more than just a touch of class is needed.


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Latin Dancewear


latin-dancewear-Smitten-Kitten-L17085 latin-dancewear-Smitten-Kitten-L17085


Latin Dancewear


latin-dancewear-voodoo-passion-L17113 latin-dancewear-voodoo-passion-L17113


Latin Dancewear

Paisly park

latin-dancewear-paisly-park-L16260 latin-dancewear-paisly-park-L16260


Latin Dancewear

Tropical confusion

latin-dancewear-tropical-confusion-L16454 latin-dancewear-tropical-confusion-L16454


Latin Dancewear

Latin queen

latin-dancewear-latin-queen-L17112 latin-dancewear-latin-queen-L17112


Latin Dancewear

Fringe benefits

latin-dancewear-fringe-benefits-L16457 latin-dancewear-fringe-benefits-L16457


Latin Dancewear

Everywhere you go

latin-dancewear-everywhere-you-go-L14427 latin-dancewear-everywhere-you-go-L14427


Latin Dancewear

Samba mama

latin-dancewear-samba-mama-L17066 latin-dancewear-samba-mama-L17066


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“Dancewear design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

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Specialty Wear

In addition to our great dance costumes we also do specialty wear. We design costumes for Ice Skating, Entertainment Productions, and many other types of events.