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All of Designs to Shine’s gowns are one of a kind pieces of art. Our buyers search specialty fabric houses all around the world to find only the most beautiful fabrics. Some popular choices are chiffon which gives a very light and airy look, and charmoise a lightweight satin that moves with the body. Quite often we will purchase very small quantities of print chiffons for a more exclusive look.


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Ballroom gowns

Nature essence

ballroom-gowns-nature-essence-B16572 ballroom-gowns-nature-essence-B16572


Ballroom gowns

Rise to stardom

ballroom-gowns-rise-to-stardom-B17125 ballroom-gowns-rise-to-stardom-B17125


Ballroom gowns

The reason

ballroom-gowns-the-reason-B16269 ballroom-gowns-the-reason-B16269


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Guide to buying dancewear

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Guide to buying-dancewear

Monthly Specials

Don’t miss our monthly specials. Our great designs at great price just for you!

Monthly specials

Specialty Wear

In addition to our great dance costumes we also do specialty wear. We design costumes for Ice Skating, Entertainment Productions, and many other types of events.